Our vision is to produce all kinds of healthy meat and meat products that are slaughtered and processed at a plant from the eastern part of Mongolia, adopt new advanced techniques and technologies, establish an internationally recognized meat complex, and export such meat and meat products to our neighboring countries and any other countries through them.


Our mission concentrates on providing our meat processing plant with healthy livestock from the locally first livestock quarantine area and establishing ourselves as a fully-equipped eco-friendly meat and meat products complex based on the best practices and technologies in the field.

The Dornod meat processing plant, located at 10kms from the center of province in bagh 5, Kherlen soum, Dornod province – the key center in eastern region, is going to supply meat and meat products that are qualified to be sold, clear and legal in terms of origin, and accordingly processed at processing facilities to the overseas and domestic markets from its processing site occupying 400000 sq. meters of area.

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It is indeed eco-friendly and has its own sewerage system with capacity to generate reusable grey water that meets requirements of the standard MNS 6734 2018 for the purpose of reuse of wastewater. Actually, it is aiming to become an environmentally friendly green facility. In addition to the processing and supply of meat and meat products, we are working to supply high quality eco-friendly products including variety meats both abroad and domestically.

With good road and infrastructures, Dornod province is connected to the capital Ulaanbaatar by 650km long hard-paved road. As for eastern part of Mongolia, it has wide pasture lands.

Our province is home to a whole 43% of about 90% of total hay from natural pasture in Mongolia. Based on it, we are able to breed meat-oriented animals. Therefore, it is an appropriate region that can be exported abroad based on the animals and animal-raw materials growing in number yearly.

Total area of Dornod province is 123,597.43 sq. km comprising of steppe and grasslands, and it borders with Transbaikal territory of Russian Federation on the north, with Hulunbuir and Hyangan of Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China on the south and with provinces of Sukhbaatar and Khentii on the western and southwestern parts, respectively.