Our meat processing plant consists of large cattle slaughtering lines to slaughter 150-200 heads of livestock per day and of small cattle slaughtering lines and equipment from People’s Republic of China to slaughter 800-100 heads of livestock per day in accordance with HALAL slaughter method. In addition to this capacity, it has a shop to clean and sort out 5-7 tons of variety meats per day, a shop to butcher and sort out 10 tons of small and large cattle meats at a time, five full freezers to freeze 80 tons of carcass and variety meats at -40 Celsius, and six refrigerated warehouses to keep 1000 tons of carcass, processed and variety meats at -18-22 Celsius, respectively. We are planning to export 2000-3000 tons of meat and meat products on an annual basis.


Index number is 089  

The meat processing plant is planned to be a fully-equipped complex with all stages and lines of meat processing.

Plant consists of following components:

  • Office and initial processing facility
  • Full freezers
  • Meat cellar and refrigerator facilities

Slaughtering equipment and lines (full set of equipment and lines from People’s Republic of China)

  • Barnyard for the training and conditioning of livestock
  • Concrete area of 4000 sq. meters
  • Concrete and block yards of 20000 sq. meters

Livestock quarantine area with 400000 sq. meters of space and 2800 meters of yard

  • Sewerage system to treat and reuse 60m3 wastewater per day
  • Animal reception area
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Steam boiler to emit vapor
  • Water wells
  • Security check points

The “Dornod Meat” meat processing plant is comprised of shops including animal slaughter, initial processing, butchering, production by cooking method, and product packaging. It also has a set of warehouses including two for drying, two for unfreezing, five for deeply freezing and six for storing.