Livestock in eastern regions have been growing in number for the last ten years. The province of Dornod is a key development center in the eastern part of Mongolia and 15% /more than 10 million/ of total livestock in Mongolia is looked after in the eastern part of Mongolia. For the type of livestock in Dornod province, 48.7% is sheep, 28.8% is goat, 12.1% is horse, 10.1% is cow and remaining 0.3% is camel. 631,165 heads of livestock equal to 23.4% of total livestock in Dornod province were consumed annually. By an average meat output of five types of animals for the livestock slaughtered for food, horse meat is 7698.2 tons, beef is 8109.8 tons, mutton is 6646.0 tons and goat meat is 2976.6 tons. With full capacity and resources, our meat processing plant is able to produce only 7% of total meat consumption all over the eastern part of Mongolia. According to these statistics, number of livestock, meat preparation and resources of raw materials are sufficient. Apart from only Dornod province, we are looking forward to offering herders from Khentii and Sukhbaatar provinces opportunities to sell their livestock and meat within the near market.