With good road and infrastructures, Dornod province is connected to the capital Ulaanbaatar by 650km long hard-paved road. It maintains regular access with Russian Federation through two different ports (railway and road) and with People’s Republic of China by three different road ports. It can be connected to Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China through Russian Transbaikal territory and Chinese Manchuria and Ulaan, further European and Northeast Asian countries, as well as countries of Persian Gulf.

The Mongolian Food Safety Council has decided to export 8300 tons of beef, 27900 tons of horse meat, as well as 26600 tons of meat that were processed by cooking method in the year of 2020. No quota has been determined for the 2021 exportation of mutton and goat meat by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, as it tends to increase export volume on a regular basis, depending on the number of cattle and availability of pasture lands.